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  • hi, yes i am still interested... can u pls pls pls do it for me for $225 for the three books i want (not the solutions)... ill pay in cash and ill meet you at the entrance of unsw on Thursday around 1:00pm. please think it over. thanks and msg me asap. ty =)
    hi i am interested in three of ur textbooks:

    ECON1203 Business & Economic Statistics
    -Statistics for management and economics 8e, KELLER (include cd)

    ACCT1501/ACCT1511 ACCT&Financial MGT 1A/1B
    - Financial Accounting: An Integrated Approach by Ken Trotman and Michael Gibbins 4th Edition

    -Principles of Microeconomics 2nd Edition by Ben Bernanke et al

    I'm willing to buy them as a package. ty and msg me asap
    I might be about to buy it off you at a later date, but don't have the money for the time being, sorry.
    I'm still interested in the textbooks, but I need 'required/prescribed' textbooks, not 'recommended' textbooks. Do you have any prescribed second hand textbooks by any chance for MGMT1001, ECON1203 or FINS1613?

    For example:

    UNSW Bookshop
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