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  • LOOL WTF you might as well have breakfast with us then hahah,
    I dont have sport tomorrow so its sleep in for me =D and i dont feel like surfing atm, too lazy and cold -.-"
    Im probs gonna be still in bed by that time... -shrugs- oh well just come over at that time anyways =P
    Heeey matty =P
    LOOLs saw your thread on PSP wanted to buy.
    Why dont you just have mine LOOL, i dont want to so yeah... =)
    Wanna come by my place tomorrow ro pick it up?? After breakfast maybe??
    hey just spoke to mum, said she its fine for me to go as long as I can get back before exams...=S
    We wont aye?? doesnt matter you already booked everything, so i'll see you at my place tonight??
    No probs. I only repped because I agreed that it was slack. As I said, we should all help each other :)
    Fair enough, i always study way more at the library than at home hahah.

    Anyways take care bro :) (and ace them half-yearlies son)
    hahahahaha change to virgin then LOOOOL
    Its not my fault i like to talk. And be happy i talk you LOOL
    wait call be after 10min =)
    OMG why do you doubt me T.T its true :p and dont roll your eyes at me mister >=/
    LIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSSS i know you have credit you always have credit
    what no??! :p Ive been trying to avoid fb 'remember'??! :p I havent been onj it for like 1 week now =D
    Just call me :)
    haha hey matt =)
    hahah nah i havent been study too hard ;) wbu LOOLs
    :confused: what do you mean ive had my phone on me the whole time and i havent received anything from you =S
    hahaha yepp :p. Should i get it going again?

    It's alright. I was actually studying and then i decided to take a nap.... FOR 3 HOURS. lol..
    How're you going?
    that was basically me LOL

    im actually not quite sure. most people did not know each other, but they all introduced themselves and etc etc. it wasnt much of a study thing, just a meet. i suppose it was a success for me, because i got work done lol. i dont know about others.
    i talked to a few of the members, but i self studied most of the time because i had things to do. i suppose it was effective for me. i didnt really hang out with most of them lol.
    I negged you for making a shit post? sorry for negging you but you deserved it and clearly other people have negged you too if you have a red bar
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