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  • Your obivously one of those hippy "everyone is equal" Yes everyone is equal duh. But this is a case experience. Like you said experience=wisdom. I have more experience than you in the HSC and so do lots of other people. It's like a first year medicine student trying to tell a third year medicine student that they are doing a tracheostomy wrong. IB? Pfft.
    Lol schoey viewing thread. What happened to quitting?

    Anyway don't be so sensitive :p I saw the posts between you and aerath
    I don't remember your full name, James was it? I think Anna was the one who linked us all to it.
    Haha sorry Schoey I was insanely bored, I take it all back :p
    You should go brush your teeth though lol.
    I have over a year of experience. You have hardly a month. I am and most year 12's are vastly superior. Thanks for the neutral rep by the way. Really deflated my day...
    3)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]You ask harrisony who he is. (“Who are you?”). The internet casts a shroud of anonymity over harrisony. What makes it your business who harrisony is? Please cease asking. 4)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]You asked harrisony if he is a “devout Catholic”. As in section 3) of this statement, this fact is none of your business, so please, refrain from asking such personal questions. I might like to comment, as well, that your blatant abuse of stereotyping is unwelcome on this website, so again I ask that you refrain from doing so, unless you wish that several of your abusive/flaming posts involving stereotypes be reported.
    5)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]There is no fifth post, but I elect to keep the option of a fifth post for any later additions.

    Thank you for your time.
    “Leave me alone. What is wrong with wanting to delete more than one of my posts at a time? Who are you? Are you a devout Catholic? Is that why you penalised me for having an opinion and feeling natural remorse?”

    You said this on harrisony’s profile. I have several issues with this.
    1)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]harrisony is under no obligation to leave you alone. He may, and, might I add, WILL, communicate with whomever he pleases on the internet, within reason and within the bounds of the law.
    2)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]I also take issue to the fact that you wish to delete more than one of your posts at a time: It is plainly irritating, disrupts the flow of any threads which you may have contributed to, and also causes the site’s average server load to soar, making the boredofstudies experience less enjoyable for your peers.
    0) Your choice to respond to me
    1) Nothing. The feature already exists for visitor messages.
    2) I'm harrisony, Nice to meet you
    3) Negative, I'm guessing your Catholic though
    4) If your a scientologist, yes. As I said before, nothing wrong with having an opinion. Am I allowed to have an opinion of you?
    No I did not laugh at your pictures. Your comment here compels me to laugh my ass off!

    All your photos on fb are public, anyone can see them without having to add you.
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