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  • Too right, I agree! LOL, it's a big world out there. Also, wouldn't wanna get caught out on group assignments (or a study/support network) with a very lazy and unmotivated team/group, too.

    Yeah! I feel like doing that too! I was at the open day, and in that lecture some chick said you needed like around $200-400 for various fees and expenses that go towards supporting the union and particular clubs. I lol'ed. Wasn't in the previous descriptions, but oh well. Nothing will really stop me :p

    Nah nah unfortunately I don't hit the big 1-8 until 3 days before uni starts. Despite that (never been a clubbing kind of guy), hanging out with mates and having a blast hasn't really been much of a problem. :D You traveling at all?
    Neither am I, but there's a first time for everything, especially considering that half the BOSers going to Syd next year will be in the same rooms as me without me knowing it :p

    Ahh okay! That's alright. Nah, I have a few ideas (doing 3 majors), but nothing definitive. Haha! I know I should have made the account early - but it is what it is . How's your holidays coming along
    Sup friendo. First person to grace my friends list :p
    Been a massive lurker all year, but trust me, no pedo!

    congrats on your achievements last year by the way! what are you gonna be majoring in?
    Did you end up leaving USyd as preference 1? And omg I need to meet you one day haha- I still have no idea what you look like (brb- I'll try FB stalk you). And your inbox is full
    Tbh don't really care about HSC no more. I've moved on to other wonderful things in life. I can't sleep lol
    I'm doing it at UNSW :)

    I think I'm going to like UNSW, everything about it just screams ASIAN! But USyd would've been nice too - although it's too social for more liking haha. Will I be seeing you at UNSW next year? =)
    Haha maybe it seems a little sad I'm trying to get ahead in university but I can't really help it - I want to do well so badly next year and it is pivotal that I do so, for my own sake.

    Haha she's cute, but I dont like her current hairstyle. No side fringe, no love. Hmm out of curiosity, you are Indian or Paki right?
    GAMSAT - No idea, Course average - Distinction + for competitiveness

    It'll be quite difficult if you don't have the passion or the background knowledge (ie me with Chemistry) but you should check it out! Competition is fierce and only the determined/gifted survive in the end - I'm going to use my holidays to just learn chemistry, obviously I'm going to go out, exercise and etc but studying has become something natural for me now :L It'd feel weird if I didn't study
    Medical science at UNSW says it's recommended knowledge, I can't find anywhere where it says pre-requisite.

    And yeah, Chemistry will be fun to learn - I've realised science is where I'm truly passionate in, not mathematics (but I'm taking mathematics as a hobby ;) ) Are you a fellow med-aspirer?
    I unfortunately don't do chem either but I'm going to learn it out of interest and necessity. I was just wondering if i could ask for help when I'm learning it is all but obviously you can't haha
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