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  • Woah i didn't know Ilsan was that cold, I've been there lots of time also during the winter but it was never as cold as Seoul. Snow in traffic is so crap, yesterday it took my 1hr to get from gangnam to myeogdong by taxi, it's probably only around 10km at max. Yeah it's dangerous also, these days the system is so organised here that the army/police comes to move the snow or they have massive machines or tractor kind off things. Argg one thing i hate about seoul is the dreadful population density and traffic.
    Korean winters are horrifying when there is snow everywhere and the weather gets too cold! Although i agree it's beautiful, especially the streets at night! Korea is awesome, everything is so rapid and high-tech, also there is lots of people!!! You should come here, plane tickets are extremely cheap if not cheaper in January. I might go back in 1 year or 2 years time if i do well in uni! But im staying here for too long, nearly 2-3 months noo
    Hey, the weather is extremely cold atm and so dusty here. These days it's around -5 average and to make it worse the sky is all grey and etc.

    How are things for you these days?? I'm so excited for uni :p!!!
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