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  • Hi I was wondering can you buy an access card for just one year ? On the website it says you can only buy it for half a year , 3 years or 5
    Hey Ozko!

    How's it going? I was wondering if I could ask a quick question - having a dilemma at the moment on university courses again. Lol... choosing a course is so hard because i'm considering so many factors such as career paths, financial costs, location and social ambiance. At the moment, it looks like i'm heading for business or economics at USYD or UNSW.

    Argg life is hard -.-
    Hahha thanks for helping btw!! I'm not a fan of dok-gook, find the taste boring. Although relatives are going to pressure. I love the bbq meat here, it's the best!! Although price is ridiculous zzzz. I'm paying $20 for 150~200g of Australian beef in restaurants.. which is bs...

    We need an AUS-KOR FTA!!
    Thanks alot!!!! I could probably request my mother to do it since she is in Australia atm. I am still very anxious on the main round offers, as I might not get into my first preference. Although, I hear that the cutoffs are going lower due to huge government spending or something, I read it on some newspaper article.

    Also, I am thinking of going UNSW or USYD most probably. Is it true transfers are much harder in different departments. Let's say I am transfering from the art to business department, would it make it harder for me? I am thinking of transferring in 1st year if possible.

    Thanks alot! Happy NYE and Christmas!
    Hey, how's it going lately? I was going to ask you a questions if possible.

    -Do I have to be in Australia to enrol for uni. or is it possible to do online?

    -For the January offers, will the ATAR cut offs be revealed?
    LOL yeah, used to go to ryde, left in year 10. I swear your grade was the best grade ever produced. 2010 was horrible and 2011 wasn't that great.
    Hey, yeah I do have a sister called iris :)
    How do you know her
    (im new to this website so if ive sent you alot of message, it was the countless attempts of reply back to you)
    Subway is way too too crowded. In peak hour around 6:00pm~10:00 it's madness, i was so shocked by people shooving and pushing non-stop and also i missed my stops because there was just too many people in the train to get out from.
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