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  • Hi i see your doing dentistry at csu from your posts over the forum. Can you please help me because i have some questions regarding the course. Please contact me on carver.edlund@hotmail.com. Thankssss
    hey can u hit me a pm, if u made it into med, dent or commerce?
    Soz. :((((

    You can be my back-up.

    If we both get to age 40 and are single we can get together and middle-age bang and then never speak again. :')
    haha, yeah :)
    gna be sticking with Adv Sci at parra for now.
    I checked the public transport for me to get to campbelltown and its like 1.5 hrs =/, when parra is 15 minutes or so.
    If I do have a desire to go into med sci ill probs just do a 2nd year transfer and by that time ill have a car which will cut it down to 30mins drive.

    But yeah :), thanks for asking.
    haha thanks.
    Yeah I'm still tossing up between Advanced Science @ Parra or Medical Science (Advanced) @ Campbelltown. Med Sci @ UNSW would have been an option.. but because I got the 5k/year scholarship and entry into the leadership program I think I prefer UWS.
    I'm not sure which course to go with.. Parramatta is super convenient, but I think I'm a little bit more interested in the units studied in Med Sci.
    Anyways, I was planning on doing either Biomedical Science or Anatomy/Physiology.. both of these really interest me.. probably leaning towards Anatomy/Physiology - because I'm more interested in the human body. But yeah both seem really great.

    Thanks for the info and the advice :)
    Hey mate,
    So I got a late round offer at UWS Campbelltown for the same course as you - Medical Science (Advanced). Just wondering, what Major are you considering of doing?
    And have you actually made a "set" timetable? If so, do you think you could send it to me, for an example.
    hey, another question:

    have you got your timetable sorted? Is it just me, or is it really weird and do you have like heaps of clashes/overlaps?
    haha, yeah I'm definitely a med hopeful :)

    Oh okay! good job. Yeah I was thinking about doing Med Science - but I was a bit worried by the fact that if I wasn't to end up gaining entry into Medicine that I'd be left off with a Med Science degree which could only possibly end up in a research job. I guess I'm taking Adv Sci coz its more broad and has the possibilities of ending up in an education job (secondary teaching) or with further study (e.g. masters) a career in Nutrition/Dietetics. I'm not sure if those options are available with Med Sci, if they were, then I'd probably consider Med Sci more.

    But yeah, thank you! You should have applied too, you never know :)
    ahha cheers for that! You just saved my life :).

    Ahh, I'm tossing up between Adv Sci @ UWS Parramatta vs. Med Sci @ UNSW..
    I had a scholarship interview today for UWS so depending on the results of that I might be swayed towards UWS.

    How about you?

    All the best, and the cheers once again.
    yeah i heard about that, pretty cool

    u mean "when is your interview"?? it's on the 29th

    are u planning on trying for med again?

    also are u on facebook?
    nope, i've read through that guide you sent me and a few others on the web

    my cousin is sorta training me for the interview, he got a dozen interview offers all around australia when he did hsc (or the QLD equivalent whatever) and went to most of them and got offers from most of them
    yeah, i'd do like mechanical eng first then biomed after

    but that was really just a whim decision on the night of september 30th
    no idea really, i've put down biomedical engineering @ unsw on my UAC prefs but don't really know

    i'll think about this shit after my interview
    nope, i've only got one shot

    probably won't even get in lol, i've been regretting skipping schoolies

    but i know i'd regret it more if i gave up the opportunity
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