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  • Ah snap, I had posted a reply to this, but then I think I didnt press send :( damn.
    Haha Newtown has interesting fashion and VERY GOOD food. There's this little cafe called 'South' which makes the best ever chocolate mud cake :) theres also a masssssiiiiveeee thai place. I think its called 'Thai Pathong'....that place is a 10/10 and theres also an italian pasta place called 'The Italian Bowl' also very very good. Really nice pasta and good service :)
    hahaha nothing really happens on saturday nights (except the people with full on tats and piercings and awesome mohawks and whatnot come out of their hiding spots and hit the town :) ) its a great atmosphere, the artsy sort of culture along with the different fashion and the excellent cafes and restaurants on the main street. Fantastic. I love Newtown (Despite the fact that my parents think that only 'weirdos' go there haha. I like weirdos, they're fun!)
    Brilliant :D

    Um, I'm currently doing Law and Social Sciences (Criminology) :) and you plan on doing either Med or psych right? Smart cookie :p *finger crossed that you get in* although you probably won't need it :) Oh, and that sentence made perfect sense to me ;)
    Were you wondering where the pic in my sig is from? :) if so, type in on google Tom Hiddleston Loki'd, and there will be a whole ton of vids coming up under the 'videos' link ;P
    Fair enough, everyone has different taste tbh.
    Though you get douches/sluts in every race hahah.

    Yes hello there FRIEND :D

    I don't really see why lol. (not white knighting)
    You (and my friend) both are gud looken.
    Hahah, thanks =='. My bro inherited the looks though, i just got the height.

    :cry: i thought we cud be fwendz :cry:.
    Yeah lol i remember you posting about it in the forums. Personality wise or just not attracted to them?

    I reckon curry girls are the cutest generally haha. You actually look like a friend of mines (take that as a compliment as i had a MASSIVE crush on her hehe ==').
    Haha i was once at a party and this girl literally went psycho. She started clawing out at people. Needless to say she's one party animal :p

    Woahhhhh haha sounds good. Tell me if you ever need another person :p

    Lol yup, same.

    Haha forever arone. (semi story of my life haha).

    I intend to. I'll be downing bottles that whole night. :D. Should be one of the best nights of the year hopefully. (got a place above imax)

    I fail :( Procrastination is 2 MUCH!!
    Need to get off lol. I'm quitting bos 4 eva bye bye nice knowing you. :D
    It comes as a shock! Not as innocent as i thought. :p
    Awww shieet. Tbh i don't really wanna get piss wasted. It's much funnier seeing idiots (sorry :p) like you getting drunk hahahaha. :p
    What's the king's cup btw? #naieve 2012er

    Dw bby i'm into dat shit. (jks lol plz don't hurt me).

    Oh wow good luck. Beast them like a boss!!! (and study asian style, i assume you are some form of asian/curry)

    HAHAHAHHA shit we always have that. *what stays in the room stays in the room* ect. Dw though you can tell me though :D (pinky promise i won't tell :p)

    Yeah meh i've given up. I need 90 technically for my course and i reckon i can get it alright so i'm not trying *that* hard. Just want this to be ovarrr!!!! Party 4eva afterwards. (and formal :D)
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