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  • hey

    My school is Farivale High, ranked 147 (2009)
    my dux got 99.65 last year.

    I was just wondering i just received my half yealy report for year 12 and my ranks are the following.

    English standard: 1st / 173
    Maths 2U: 2nd / 46
    Geography: 1st / 8
    Economics: 7th / 30
    Physics: 7th /39

    last year in year 11 i was top 5 for all my subjects.
    since everyone is saying that ranks are most important and if they are do u think i am able to get a 90+ ATAR with my ranks at the moment.

    ALso you know how im 7th in both physics and economics do you think that's a good rank anyway?

    I'm trying to aim for top 5 for all my subjects in the next few assessments leading up to the TRIALS.

    And also if i do become top 5 for all my subjects do you think then I can get 90 + ATAR.

    Can you give me an ATAR estimate as well?

    I just really need your advice right now.

    thanks helps

    You're a moderator of non-school right?
    I was wondering if you would so kindly please fulfil my request as per the thread i made in contact moderators.

    Thanks in advance. :)

    PS do you have any advice for a student eager to study law at uni?

    I was going through one of the message boards and under one of your posts it said that you were doing a B of Social Science (Criminology and B of Laws at UWS and you then transferred into Macquarie to do B of Arts (Sociology) and B of Laws.

    I am at UWS but I would like to transfer to Macquarie next year. I am currently doing B of Social Science (Criminology) and B of Laws and I started mid year 2009 so I have only done one semester so far. I received a Distinction (in one of my social science subjects), a Credit (law), a Credit (Social Science) and a Pass (law). What marks do I need to achieve this year so as to give me the best shot at getting into Macquarie? What kind of marks did you receive which allowed you to transfer to Macquarie?

    Sorry for the 21 questions! Hope to here from you soon! Also I don't usually use this website so it would be great if you could e-mail me your response at

    Hey melsc.

    I was wondering, in terms of the quality of education and future career prospects in legal litigation, what opportunities Maquarie University really offers?

    Also, with respect to the latter question in comparison to Usyd and UNSW.

    I am about to sit my HSC exam, and I sort of have decided that I want to go to Maquarie Uni due to their introduction of the 'peoples & planets' compulsory unit in which I will be alble to complete a course in 'critical thinking'. However, when confiding in friends and other people that I want to attend Maquarie uni for law, I get quite a horrified look as if the Uni is horrible...

    I don't think that it is, but I think i'm still looking for assurance from actual law students at maquarie. I intend to come out as an immigration, tort and criminal lawyer, tending towards more human rights advocacy areas.

    I was just wondering if I could get your opinion which will be grately appreciated.

    Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
    and this question as well please,
    (c) If you had to defend Helen and Tom in court, what possible defence(s) to the charge of murder could you use for Helen, and what possible defence(s) would you use for the charges faced by Tom. Justify the use of these defences. (7 marks)
    helen plans to rob a bank. she needs someone to drive a get-away car. helen calls Tom and threatens that if he does not drive the car she will stop supplying him with illegal drugs.

    on the day of the robbery tom sits in the car while helen walks into the bank armed with a stolen gun. after a short wait Tom sees Helen running towards the car. the bank security guard chases and shoots at Helen. Helen turns and fires, killing the security guard.

    in speeding away from the bank, tom drives through two red traffic lights.

    (d) discuss the purpose and effectiveness of possible punishments the judge could consider before sentencing helen and tom. (9 marks)
    I got offered a once off 5k for the first year which was paid after the second semester census date. I did not have to pay it back. I don't know how it works with the ones paid per year but I presume you wouldn't have to pay them but they would cease payment once you leave? I am not sure though on what the conditions are and that would be something I would check out carefully...

    I wasn't in the geographic area for any and mine was just something to entice higher UAI students into specific courses
    I've got a question for you melsc. Seeing as you achieved a pretty solid UAI and went to UWS, did you get offered a scholarship? And if you did, when you transferred for UMAQ, did you have to pay back the money that was given to you?
    That was some time ago but I think it was the law handbook, your local library should have it. Its by the refern legal centre. Otherwise I think the Redfern Legal Centre also sells them online.
    I was reading one of your threads about strict and absolute liability because i was a little confused too. anyway i noticed that you and johanthan were taking about how clearly the law (or was it legal) handbook explains terminology. i'm doing my HSC this year and i find my textbook to be very general and not very explainatory so i'm just wondering where i could pick up a law handbook from?
    thanks for your help.
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