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  • yeah actually i think you can. so maybe its best to do something you will enjoy (and hence do well in). i think people do BMedSc maybe to get some background knowledge, for gamsat? i have no fucking idea lol

    I'm doing a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science @ USYD, majoring in psychology and industrial relations & human resource management.

    yeah i wanna raise my kids opposite to how my dad was to me, because he is basically shit.
    yeah :( Bmedsc is basically like a degree people do if they want to get into post grad medicine or dentistry or even postgrad research. unfortunately you cant really do anything with it on its own- thats why i never ended up choosing it (like i originally wanted to)

    USYD open day isnt until late august/early september i think so theres still some time.
    sorry i have no clue how the bonus point scheme works :/ all i know is that they dont use it for commerce degrees lol
    try searching the usyd website
    hmm im not sure. depends on ur subjects. but i think medsc @ usyd has a cutoff of 91ish.
    yeah wow.. poor lady :(!!!!
    pretty shit, got no study done
    but i washed my car for the first time all year. lol
    ahh, your subjects arent on your page :(
    and yeah UMAT 'apparently' tests empathy skills and etc, but i've talked to doctors and they've told me that its not really a good indication of anything to be honest, it's just another way of culling people applying to get into med. same said (but to a lesser extent) about GAMSAT.

    btw your signature tells me that i'm a loser.. :( haha. i know its a script but its still funny.
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