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  • ummm, to be completely honest, i didnt actually *really* start studying until like a month before the HSC, so im no model example to follow haha. just keep up to date with assignments and stuff and make sure you do well in them because they count for 50% of your final mark.
    protip: smash your trials. i didnt which put way more pressure on my hsc marks lol. pretty much just be consistent haha. btw which subjects do you do??

    i sat the UMAT but didnt do much preparation beforehand, so i missed the cutoff by a couple of rankings. GAMSAT is a bit different from UMAT because theres some stuff you can actually study for it, whereas UMAT is very similar to a IQ test.
    dentistry would be pretty awesome too!!

    btw i dont think ive ever actually introduced myself, heh. name's phil :)
    yeah haha. my atar was 95.05, are you 2010er? the 92.05 was the cutoff for my year but it will be pretty similar to that for you.
    yeah postgrad MBBS is the hope, and yeap will need to sit the GAMSAT :(. so you wanna do dentristy postgrad @ usyd huh? nice.
    yay we can be uni buddies :D
    i'm doing it at sydney hehe. it is good but its a lot of work, but its pretty interesting and fun!
    i want to hopefully do medicine after, we'll see how that goes though :S
    i can help you out with frst yr stuff!!
    things are okay, despite tests coming up :(
    why were you in despair on friday and sat?

    get 99 atar OKAY thanks please yay
    Umm I'm not sure if whether or not we can discuss the minutes outside of the meeting - but the transcript should be available somewhere. A mod should be able to send you a copy/link to a copy.
    Moderators have closed the last one - when the next one comes out (May next year, I presume), you can access it in the contact mods section.
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