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  • lol no, well the story in total is like 6000 to 8000 words...i have to write 2000 words by wednesday :) OMG! i just cant be bothered with it..screw ext 2 english..lol everyone hates subjects when the workload is all of a sudden unbearable. sounds like uni is a blast, i really cant wait to get into uni and just get over high school...high school is fun but its kinda stressful every now and then, im really curious to see how the uni atmosphere is! and good luck with all ur subjects! :)
    ye its k i guess...meh, its gettin kinda stressful tho nowadays. i mean ext english is gettin really stressful...omg i have to write like another 2000 words for my short story by next week :( and heaps of assessments and stuff, so meh
    hey its good to hear that ur doing k..i guess the most important thing is to enjoy the subjects that ur doing. is uni completely different from high school?
    haha thanks... lol better late than never.

    sooo... Ur at UWS... i will probly end up going there too :p
    shuuuuuuuuu how dare u mek funn of mah sig and mah monkeeee >:[
    apologize rite naooooo fully tabouli


    as i said, it caters for ppl all around da world

    so like if i have to go overseas anytime, lyk for otehr reasons or lyk to visit cousins ns tuff

    i wont have to defer my course

    i can study from anywhere in da world, provided i have access to internet

    plus it gives me a double degree wif doule majros in only 4 yrs

    n its got a good reputation

    n yupp

    im enjoyin it so i guess dats wat matters ;)
    lol, that is 6 hours away from sydney.

    It caters for people internationally ... like from all voer the world.

    Yes ... my name even means lucky hehehe

    everyone thinks i'm lucky .. but i don't :D lol

    mmhmm everything is on the netz yepp

    ohh ok, then she'z probably at the campbelltown campus lol sorry
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