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  • tim is just being a bitch to you coz he knows we're friends and i would try and stand up for you. *inhales exhales* i wish he ddnt live in the bush >=/ so then i can end this once and for all. (swears in jibberish)

    Aww thanks so much hun, will do.

    Not really, have an assessment tommorrow so im studying atm, :eek: last minute much?

    Its wen yu work and study at the same time [in a nutshell] also, im applying for the accoutning ones i think.
    hehe thanks mamoz :)

    Ohh kwl... thats awesome, let me noe how it goes! How long does it go for?

    Was thinking of com/law now just considering commerce with a cadetship?! If i get accepted? lol Inshallah :p
    lol. Thats understandable...

    Yeh, not too bad, just stressful and i cbf for it anymore. A friend suggested that worst comes to worse i can just marry some rich bloke? lol. SO yeh back up plan (a) i guesss? :p

    What are yu doing at uni again?
    no probz :D
    Tells me to spead or "too much in last 24" almost every time I try and rep someone lol xD
    Hehe, they do get a bit carried away sometimes lol.
    Yeh, bos and the interwebz in general distract me something fierce from assessments
    But anywho, gl with it :)
    That would be correct :D
    Though recently definite emphasis on first and last.
    (btw I'm not implying you are stupid or anything, lawl, just that your recent posts have been more focused on the lols and general conversation etc)
    Yeh pretty much anyone who says lol things / makes good points / seems like someone that isn't shit etc lol.
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