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  • lulz, no, someone has to take that guy down a peg or two >_o i think most people just can't be bothered/are like me. but it's like nothing fazes him O___O" ANYWAYY, congrats on the awesome mark and hope you get showcase! =D
    I know a few things about memorising essays..

    Do you think it'd be of any value if I wrote something on it?
    Hi, i really need help with my modern history half yearlys. There was a post on a blog saying that you had an essay. Do you still have that by any chance? It would be a really big help.
    no, that's okay, i haven't really done any work on my major work lately, other subjects have been way too demanding :/ eek! haha.

    but that sound's really really good!
    i'm guessing you're doing crime writing for EE1?
    i was inspired by sylvia plath after studying her in advanced english, and ever since then, i've adopted a new found love for postmodern poetry. I'm constructing of self exploration, dealing with the concept of becoming a poet: documenting my journey, and change i guess. It's basically about living life :)

    hopefully we both do well in EE2, and oh, it's okay, i've only done about 1200 words of poetry, some of them have no correlation with one another, so i may have to get rid of some in the end :[

    do you have facebook?

    add me if you do:

    oh, it was some poetry day that i didn't end up going to :[
    but my teacher got notes for me, which was great!
    OH WOW!
    yay, i don't know anyone else who is doing poetry this year, such a relief to finally meet someone!! :)

    tell me all about your poetic work?
    what are you doing? what type of poetry, and what are your themes? :D
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