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    ohhh mad. childcare is one of the things i wouldnt mind doing. i went through a stage where that was what i wanted to do last year but then i changed my mind haha.
    well good luck with it :)
    thankss :)
    umm...my first preference is bachelor of social work @ sydney uni. so i need an atar of 80.00 to get into that. just hope i can get that :S my trial marks wont too great..

    so what are you going to do next year? just work or something?
    hahaha yeah im so glad ours is afterwards.

    oh ok so you arent going to apply this year than? yeah ive applied. pretty nerve racking!! just hope i get into the course i want...
    im sure you will get a good ATAR :)
    ohhh maddd. yeah our actual formal is not until mid november haha. its like the last day of the hsc or something.
    i know im really worried + scared haha.
    have you applied for uni?
    haha yeahhh im fine just had a really strange week lol.

    umm well this is my last week of classes. so next monday we just have all activites and stuff - reminiscing, lunch together, pretty good :)
    then tuesday we have our graduation with the school in the morning. and then we go home. then that night is our formal graduation. and yeah then its just all over. pretty scary.

    what about you?
    haha dw, i havnt been on bos much lately...

    nothing much, just can't wait to get this HSC thing over and done with :mad1:
    oh well, the end is near :)
    i reckon your profile is kinda hot compared to other profile others have on bos which are more plain than a melted vanilla ice cream
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