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  • lol one day i finish at 7 cos i have tried to put as much in those 4 days as possible, cos it was originally 5 days.

    I was not sure of the rep cos it came up grey in user CP... lol
    Ohh ok makes sense. lol i gave u good rep in that its not ur fault cos ur employer aint flexible. LOL but yerh ur obviouslt not a softie if ur guna be catching the train to acu everyday. lol id die hate public transport in the morning. eek but urdoing wat u love so that themost important thing. Oh yerh i will drop by deffineley lol but most days i finish 5.30pm xcept tue 4.30 pm , lol . =)
    Dude youre going to ACU and u didnt tell me? LOL
    Congradulations!! Wow so happy for you! What happened to the gong?
    You still goin to take that gap year?
    Hope everythings good with ya! lol did you have a kick arse holiday or what?

    of course good rep
    and that's awesome.. I know so many people on the 16th :D
    you turning 18 or 19 this year?
    yo when I get my daily rep back, consider yourself repped (yes, you made it onto the list)
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