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  • haha dont worry i'm also replying late :p
    nothing really, procrastinating, should be doing some study
    how about you?
    haha, it turned out neutral... dw, thanks tho xD

    Just get more posts in, it'll go green some day xD
    ah okay so unsw? niice
    is it true that there are 'no squatting' stickers on the toilets for the asians who do that? i've heard that but it seems so strange and unreal haha!
    med sci is good so far, really interesting stuff but the timetable is pretty bad, long hours. i have 26 hour weeks of just classes, not including the breaks in between. how bout you? hows comm/eco?
    haha no im not racist. i will make racist jokes with my friends but they will know that they are exactly that, jokes. i dont know about blastus, better off asking him himself.
    yeah im first year medical science at usyd, which uni are you going to?
    nah i dont share the same sentiments in real life. hahaha nah i have indian, asian, etc friends. so yeah not explicitly racist irl. however i dont really agree with islam and thats about it, but i only troll like that on here and not in real life.
    what are you studying at uni? first year??
    hey, he spelt his name many ways throughout his life, he was simultaneously unable to spell consistently and a great writer which makes u wonder why we had to go thru all that spelling stuff in kindergarten anyway

    anyway yeah NOT MUCH hey
    there wuldnt be pedestrians on a highway yu know. doubt u culd go 230kms through a residential zone without aproaching a corner etc and crashing
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