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  • That's good that your exams went well! I completely bombed in maths extension 1 and I know I made some silly mistakes in chem but other than that, not too bad. Haha I'm glad you got that question right :) I had to do shipwrecks for the option - I hate shipwrecks :\ But same, I'm just so relieved its all over. I won't be able to sleep the night before the results come out though! I think I've given up on my 98 dream. I think I'll settle for just getting into my course, which is 95. Wbu?
    But I am only a 2 uniter! They are probably easy to ext kids haha. I got 4/15 on my trial Q16 it was so hard ahahaha.

    But some of the 2012 trials have the odd easy one, like I got 10/15 on one I did today wooot haha
    I honestly don't know what I want tomorrow, maybe low 80s to make sure I get a b6?

    That means I can fail question 16 practically and a few for sillies haha
    omg yes that mc was bad. I've probably lost 2 or 3 marks from there alone :( Yeah, communication was pretty good this year :D But I know I screwed up that specific features of the eye in two named animals environments. Yeah, I'm concentrating on maths tomorrow then extension maths on wednesday but it means cramming for the next week for physics, SOR1, and chem. Good luck with english! :)
    That sucks, especially since there was no action potential questions ahah.
    I hope you get it :) I think I blew my chance :\ Haha yeah, I know how that feels. Our teacher went through pretty much all of communication in 2 weeks.
    I think I went ok. I know I screwed up on that analyse the methodology question and some others but fingers crossed for a band 6 :) You?
    Nahh not sure I assume mid 90s. And I didn't think 98 was the highest you could get.

    ANd LOL considering my performance in the HSC, I am nowhere near state rank material. Coming 1st in bio at a rank 200 school doesn't mean I'm anywhere near the top 20 of the state. Most of the selective school cohorts probably kicked ass haha. You flatter me though, but as I said, happy to scrape a 90 *fingers crossed*. I made stupid mistakes in the MC.
    I got 92 for trials in my trials but I did way better in them haha like every Q was made for me...not so well today. I'm 1st rank at my school so I just hope I scrape a B6 in the end.
    I did better in my trial, but it was okay overall. MC screwed me a lil and one of the communcation Qs but other than that decent. How about you?
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