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  • Hey, just wanted to say how awesome your contribution to BoS this year has been! :) I've read a ton of your posts and they've been a great actually remind me of an old friend of mine with all of your wisdom... :) Are you done w/HSC now? If so, congrats & all the best for results! :)
    Thanks for the rep. :)

    How did you go with Ancient? I'm sure you aced it. :)
    When is extension? At least you are ranked first for it. (Haha..terrible joke :p)
    Good luck mate, problem is I started studying this morning, and I've got most of Sparta to learn + half of the 25marker topic + revising for another two topics :S :S
    Hey :).... How is your prep for ancient going??? Omg, pompeii is my biggest fear.. the content is sooo broad.....

    I love Sparta, Hatshepsut and Greek world though XD..
    oh really wow well that actually helps me out a lot since Estelle Lazer and Callendar are on at the same time so i wasn't sure which one to see haha but i shall take into account your advice!! ohhh yeah unfortunately my school isn't ranked that great either, around 400, which pretty much sucks :( Haha yeahhh the girl that got 98 is definitely a genius, she only studied for the ancient trial like 2 days before, but she's just one of those naturally talented people that just retains everything upon hearing and bam, it all comes back! i'm ranked second though so im pretty happy with that although i deeply deeply wanted to be number 1 hahaha :( well good luck, keep studying hard, it will all be worth it!!! awww that's so great!! and no worries at all i'll just attatch the sheet to this, also on the note it says register by today but dont worry we called and she said just bring this note and money on saturday and it should be fine :D thankfully the studying for ancient is going pretty smoothly for now, im just aiming to finish syllabus notes for everything, its the only subject i really enjoy studying for hahah, how's your studying going?? and thank youu! if i need any help i'll be sure to ask! :D how are you feeling about your overall rank too? you seem really enthusiastic so im sure you're probably at the top!
    a bit random but you seem really into your history, which i love!!! :D and i was just wondering if you knew about Macquarie Uni's HSC ancient lectures this saturday? they seem really helpful, i'm not sure what options you're doing but in relation to the core they have estelle lazer coming to speak!!! haha i thought that was pretty exciting :3 anyway it costs $30, if you're interested just let me know, i'll scan the sheet for you
    Your topics are quite different to mine!! For Ext, i investigated the conflict between the political and cultural spheres of the early 2000's that influenced the construction of history by the National Museum of Australia. How did you go in your major work?? By the looks of it, i think you're more inclined to Ancient History am i right?? haha.
    My Ancient cohort is a large 16 people lol, and my modern has 34. I go to Baulkham Hills High. I think im more inclined to Modern, not too sure, i enjoy both of them equally though (and sometimes not much at all) haha. How were your trials?? (bet you aced your histories...seemed soo prepared for them! lol) Do you want to extend your passion for history in university?

    btw, im pretty sure you can get 90+ ATAR!! (just do what everyone else in my school seems to be doing now and ask people on this forum for an ATAR Estimate in the 'Guidance and Counsel' section haha, im sure it'll reaffirm your confidence in your ability to achieve your goal!!)
    Hey i'm doing Augustan Age, Mycenae, Agrippina The Younger for Ancient
    and Russia, Trotsky and Cold War for Modern
    For Hist Ext im doing the Tacitus Case Study
    Im sooooo intimidated by your hardcore history extension-ing, and we were talking about your project in class and my teacher thought your topic was very interesting haha!! What you favourite historian?? Mine is Leopold von Ranke =D lol We have 6 people in our history ext cohort, yeaa histories aren't considered the "best" subjects in my school. what school do you go to??
    What are you doing in Ancient and Modern?
    WHY IS ANCIENT FUN :( Right now for me, its slow and boring ... I don't hate it, nor do I love it.
    In class mainly use sources to write an essay about 'what happened in an event' etc, you get me? : D
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