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  • Germany look excessively tank for 2014, with peeps like Ozil, Muller peaking etc.
    Yeah his goal against Ghana, good stuff, basically ran the strings in midfield when they destroyed us 4-0 o_O
    Wilshere's good, who's the other one along with him and Song? Nasri lol.
    I have FM11 and on Ozil's profile, it says his favoured club is Barca. lawls. RM snapped him up pretty cheap too...
    Barca tried chasing him last year and *almost* got him so I reckon he's gonna leave this summer. There's no point keeping an unhappy player at your club.
    He'll get gametime and a lot too, you don't splash 40+mil for a benchwarmer, no not even Barca are that stupid. Plus, Xavi welcomed the extra competition anyway.
    I don't think it's really betraying Arsenal, he joined them originally as a kid to get game time and all the fans know that Barca was his dream club for years anyway so if he wants to go then let him.
    I reckon your proposal is also good considering by that time, Xavi won't be a regular anymore (too old) and Cesc can slot in easily. I remember seeing a goal article questioning whether Barca need him or not, considering they had Thiago who's pretty good imo.
    My two cents.
    Glazers are still epicly in debt, fuark.

    Also you reckon Wenger's gonna use Gibbs at LB now since Clichy's gone? Or a new signing?
    Don't get your hopes up :L Have to admit Gervinho at 12mil is a bargain
    It would but w/o trophies, he's gone.

    What dyou think of Man U's signings? I have no idea where their money is coming from.
    That's providing Wenger still has a job =P trophy drought is gonna kill him soon.

    Yeah, just signed Adam and getting Downing soon (imo prefer Mata but w/e)
    Gunners fan aye? Cesc's going Barca and Nasri's, well, wants to leave lawls.

    Liverpool's spending like manc this summer it seems
    dude wtf calm down, you can't get what you want straight away. i've got my trials soon, i'm not gonna waste time scanning past papers for you, i'll send you the link when i have time.
    hey, about the invisible wing guy that took ages to sell books, is the email he posted on right ..? it's been over 2 weeks and no reply D;
    no worries :p
    but yeah I found your post so I repped you..
    took quite a while until the thread came up...
    It was a rude comment & they didn't deserve it. They just simply asked a question. Your post was off-topic anyway.
    haha no worries i was just bored (not of studies lol but had some time with nothing to do here in my internship at law firm) so i decided to go on bos to check out discussion in the aftermath of the hsc results haha
    and i just added ppl on the 'recent visitors' list of my profile lol
    anyways hope all is well and you're enjoying holidays =] wat are ur plans for uni?
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