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what science shoudl i choose for the hsc im struggling (1 Viewer)


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Aug 1, 2023
my school doesn't really offer a huge variety of subjects so its honestly a struggle to choose, like for pdhpe it is compulsory until yr 10 and then after they don't offer it anymore. and for like dt subjects or languages it would be hard to take up because i didn't choose them for electives
hm so from what you're saying nothing really interests you apart from those subjects you mentioned earlier, no worries. i thought it might be worth a shot if you were just confused but you seem to have a good reason for not picking other subjects.
i reckon the advice i gave earlier still stands but in general i reckon once you pick out what english/math you are going to do, after which you'll have a couple units left and then pick whatever.

this isnt good advice but here goes. i didnt know what i was going to do for my last 2 units (in my school we have to do exactly 12 units) and i put down a subject that i wasnt sure abt but still thought was cool and for my reserve i put down another subject that was meh. the way subject selection works in my school is that they look at the demand for a course as well as how high up its put on the list and so there is basically no way to predict whether a few courses run or whether you were put in said course unless yk a lot of ppl did it and it was high on the list for you. both of my last 2 choices were relatively unpopular and low on my choices so essentially i left my last 2 units up to chance. turns out i got modern loll

on a more serious note, i think this is a chance to maybe think about how you want your hsc year to be or a rough estimate of what kind of atar you want. if you dont care abt that stuff choose whatever ig but if you do. technically you can get a high atar with any subject combo, a few of them will scale you down, and a few will be tough to do in terms of workload, and a few will make your want to die. if youre a sweat and want like 95+ sciences are a good idea, i would suggest chem/physics (bc i hate bio).

idk what else to say, reply if you want advice ig

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