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Should I do poetry? (1 Viewer)


May 6, 2008
I'm currently deciding on my medium for my major project.

Currently I know that the protagonist will be a cynical romantic. Yes I know its a paradox. Cant give much more info about it because I'm quite... protective of my ideas.

I'm currently thinking about the medium of:
  • Short Story
  • Poetry
Also, how do sonnets do overall in poetry? I have kinda strayed from my freestyle writing and it doesn't work anymore XD

I have not written a complete short story before but I am unsure if I should continue with poetry as I write mainly during emotional periods of my... "life".

Here are some sample poems I have written.

Dross Effusion

Lost, and I just feel so insane,
This mental structure, it's broken.
Broken... This heart has only ever felt pain,
Its sustained with this dross effusion.

I feel the hurt you healed for me;
It's like a wrongly tied shoelace,
The knot that holds my heart, set free.
My blood is littering this pretty place.

The wound's so deep though it wont hurt,
Endorphins keep the pain as numb.
Blades and drugs... my only comfort,
But I drop this knife because I hate what I've become.

I realise as I watch my blood flow--
I said you stole my heart-- but now I know...

Close to my Heart

I dont like friends kept close to my heart,
They drain it up and tear it apart,
I've never felt so needy before,
But before all of this... I've never loved at all.

This day, it marks my anniversary,
But she went away so she could study:
A month and a day ago she had left,
This pain just throbs in hand with this bereft.

I feel like I'm making mistakes again,
But my heart wants me to board this train.
My tears aren't falling... They're just too small,
They showed me they'd hold me tight if I fall...

I'm hurting from healed pains and more,
Just need an SMS hug-- till i go sore...


I Rowen look upon my Birch,
And watch her gazing at my chest.
There lies a heart where promise perch;
Where lovers cried as they confess't.

Her sway holds still, her indignant rest,
Even in sleep, she flaunts her love.
Tanned arms branched out; I'll be her guest,
O' as I reach, fall pulls her glove.

In search of love, a man will rove:
My heart is weak, faulty in search,
For I look blindly past the cove
where fertile trees lie-- and hide their smirch.

Fated with a deadly curse,
My love for Birch-- fluctuates like soviet verse.


The ripened falcate
Sways a lonely sway
Chilling winds soar down upon his figure
Gravity. Force.
Mother nature pressing her thin lips
Waves to her children and allows
them to fall
Crying, The baby leaf cries
Chlorophyll flowing, tears melting
This lone falcate.
Now brittle, old and brown.
Is fading into his earth
He fades into the seasons.
Fading. Waiting.
Waiting. Waiting.
Waiting for the next fall.

well theyre all on my blogspot
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Apr 2, 2009
right here
You should only continue with poetry if you're really interested in the poetry itself. If it becomes an emotional vent for you it will most likely deteriorate the focus with which you are writing. Sentimentality can be chanelled in your poetry to make a point but if it becomes the main theme your textual integrity will suffer.

If you're doing sonnets you have to be aware of why you are using it as a form. It cannot just be for convenience but rather should help you make a point. Look into how sonnets are utilised in some contemporary poetry and you might find some better direction. I'd recommend trying to get a hold of "A test of solitude" by Emanuel Hocquard which is a piece made up of all sonnets but with a non-traditional metre.

I believe it's too early in the year to make any judgments on your poetic ability. But stylistically you'll have to ask alot of questions of yourself. How am I writing now? How do I want to write? Why am I writing this like this? What do I want out of my writing? etc


not an ATARd
Mar 16, 2008
ya mum

Find a concept first, and see if you can write about it. I know this sounds judgemental, but writing about emotional periods in your life is not going to wash well with markers, considering the 'teenager trash angsty poetry' stigma.

Also, try maybe giving a sample of this poetry to your prospective Ext 2 teacher and ask their thoughts.

Poetry is a highly competitive medium, and there are lots of extremely talented people out there (Asubmarine being one of them- go read his major work!), so make sure you are 100% sure about the decision, you don't want to go changing mediums halfway through the year (although people do it every year...)

Do some research about poetry in general. I remember when I started I borrowed three books from the library which were all along the lines of 'Poetry for Dummies' and 'How To Write Poetry'.


Apr 2, 2009
right here
^ getting a teacher to read your work regularly is a really good idea. It forces you to think way more critically about what you've done. The little insecurities you have about whatever you've written get amplified by the pressure of having someone else read it and this can help you heaps in fine tuning your style.

Also as a starting point if you want to look at emotionality done well have a look at some beat poetry. It's probably the most accessible serious movement for someone just starting out to get into and everyone seems to love it.

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