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School Assessment Surveys & Research Forum (PLEASE READ) (1 Viewer)

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Without Wings

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Dec 15, 2003
This forum is for students to post their surveys for school assessment research.
Many subjects have research assignments (such as IRP, ISP, PIP, SGP etc) which involve research on a particular topic. This forum is for those students to place surveys for their research, so that other members can reply. It would be greatly appreciated by these members if you take the time to fill out their surveys.

This forum is for school related surveys only, and spam will not be tolerated.

Survey Posting Guidelines

Here are a few suggestions for a successful thread containing a survey/questionnaire..

1. Be clear in the subject line about the survey topic. Some people may not wish to answer questions about "sensitive" topics and therefore can discriminate between threads easily.

2. Make your survey clear and easy to follow. It seems to be more useful to post up a blank copy of your survey rather than providing a word document, for example.

3. Give people an option to email/PM their reponses. This way, any information that they do not want others to see can be protected and more people are likely to answer your questions honestly and sensibly.

4. Use a survey site.
Online surveys are very popular as it all happens then and there, there is no formatting to worry about and it's simply a click of a button for the respondent. An example of a survey site is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/

5. FINALLY, and I think most importantly, POST A FINAL DATE FOR YOUR SURVEY TO BE ANSWERED. We will try to monitor these dates and close threads when the date is reached so people don't waste time filling in surveys that were for PIPs completed back in August. Then, if you require an extension you can post in the Contact Moderators thread and we will re-open it for a specified time.
Note: If you do not post a final date for your survey to be answered it may be closed after a period of time (eg: a month) so people don't waste time filling in old surveys.

PIP Students

Please keep in mind that within the 2007 Society and Culture Marking Guidelines it was clearly stated that "carrying out 'surveys off the net' does not constitute primary research". This means that you should consider finding another means of gaining primary data as opposed to posting surveys on the internet (for example within this forum).

Notes from the Marking Centre HSC 2007 for Society and Culture

"Many weaker projects also relied overly on the internet without sufficient acknowledgement of sources. Carrying out ‘surveys off the net’ does not constitute primary research and there is a trend towards using the internet as the main source of secondary research."

"Too many candidates did not interpret and analyse the data they collected from primary and secondary sources, and there was uncritical reliance upon internet sources by many candidates."

Source: Board of Studies 2007 Society and Culture Marking Notes
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