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Scholarship Letter Sent Out (1 Viewer)


New Member
Sep 4, 2005
sarah89 said:
me too!!!! except i found out in september when i finished school.
still hoping for the university of sydney scholarhsip but....dream course there.

when do we find out if we got the scholarship to usyd?? december/early january??
If you haven't been rejected yet, it means u have been shortlisted for usyd scholarship based solely on your personal statement.

Your UAI is now being considered as part of the selection criteria. If you have are successful u should know by early january. If you got rejected, they send letters by mid january.

For me, i got mine like end of january/beginning of feb coz i was the last to be offered.

Also if you get the scholarship, they send via express post, so if u see one in ur letterbox, u know u got the scholarship.

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