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Master of teaching (birth-5 years) vs Bachelor of education (primary) @ macquarie uni (1 Viewer)


New Member
Mar 11, 2018
Hi is anyone doing either the masters of teaching (birth - 5 years) or Bachelor of education (primary) at macquarie uni? (*the bachelor of ed primary i'm talking about is the graduate entry one).

I'm considering a career change and I am tossing up whether to take these courses next year. I am working full time at the moment and I would have to change my work to part time to take these courses. So just wondering on average how many days at uni do I have to be at uni if I study either in full-time or part-time mode? i really want to take those courses just that I'm not sure if I can survive ^^''

Also how are the course loads? Is it a lot of work??

I'm still tossing up between the 2, so if anyone is already working in teaching please let me know what job prospects and differences there are! Thanks!!

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