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HSC Results thread (1 Viewer)


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Feb 18, 2022
What happens if you have really strong ranks? Like my ranks are within the top 3 for all my subjects, mostly 2nd. And even then the difference between rank 1 and myself is very small (around 1-2 marks). Does that mean that my Assessment mark will help boost my overall hsc mark? Cause i see in carrotsss sc they got 41/50 for their internals which is less than their externals. Can you get internal marks that are higher than your externals?
Yes it is possible. If you are internally ranked 2nd for a subject, then your assessment mark will be the second highest mark achieved by your cohort (entire class) for that particular subject. If you dont receive a good external mark, you can still expect the second highest internal mark; which will be in the average calculation for your hsc mark.

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