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Mar 5, 2015
I been given a Problem Based Learning Assignment for Biochemistry that is asking for some general responses to how the wine industry can prevent the denaturing of enzymes that are used in the production of wine. The questions are below and any help with fresh ideas would be appreciated.

How would the enzymes denaturing affect the wine

What means should the wine maker use in order to use enzymes effectively

what happens to cause the denaturing of the wine.

How can certain methods be changed to prevent denaturing

What checking procedures would be essential to avoid problems with the enzymes in the future

Why the enzymes are vitally important to the wine industry

Types of enzymes and why they are used in the first place and how they affect the wine

How is the environment that the enzymes are used in important.

What occurs when the enzyme has not been used correctly.

How important is the winemakers communication with the enzyme manufacturers.

Any help would be fantastic as I have to show that I have gathered opinions from a broad range of people so feel free to share any info you can.

Thanks in advance.

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