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Apr 17, 2020
Hey all,

Unfortunately, I go to a top 500 school but I would like an ATAR estimate.

PDHPE- 75, rank=4/23 (usually 1-2 students get B6) (Standard= High)
Biology- 78, rank=6/20 (usually 1 student gets B6) (Standard= High)
English Standard- 65, rank=13/40 (sometimes 1 student gets B6) (Standard= Sound)

I have had some personal issues throughout the year, so I expect my external marks to be higher than my internal marks. I also did Pathways (HSC over two years), and my HSC results in the other subjects were:

Business Studies: 75
Mathematics Standard 2: 88

Keep in mind, this is distance ed, so academic levels vary across the cohort. At the moment, I am aiming for an atar in the high 70s/low 80s. Would be greatly appreciated if I could get a response. Thanks!
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Aug 22, 2019
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Having considered this information, I believe that you could be looking at an ATAR of approximately 75. Your HSC mark in Mathematics Standard is very good (congratulations! 🥳) and will most likely make a positive contribution to your ATAR.

Regarding the rest of your subjects, your performance in PDHPE appears of a sufficiently high standard in terms of being consistent with your ATAR goal. It is therefore important to prepare to the best of your abilities for your PDHPE HSC exam in order to ensure optimal performance in this subject, which, from your comments, will hopefully be possible. The same can be said (although to a slightly lower extent) about Biology.

Your Business Studies HSC mark is just about decent. While I doubt it will make a positive contribution to your ATAR, I also would not expect it to create a barrier in terms of being on track with your ATAR goal. Either way, you have already completed Business Studies, so nothing can be done about it at this stage. It is now behind you, meaning that you can forget about it and emphasise the subjects for which you are yet to sit the HSC exam.

The subject which I believe could be reducing your chances of achieving your ATAR goal is English Standard, which seems like your lowest performing subject. Because of this, it is crucial to maximise your preparations for your English Standard HSC exam in order to ensure the best possible performance, allowing you to increase your chances of reaching your desired ATAR.

I hope this helps! :D

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