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Oct 1, 2013
I'm quite surprised that the complete answers for the exam have not showed up yet on the internet or on here. Bits and pieces of the test have been answered here but these questions answers are yet to be confirmed.

27 b)

What I did was subtract the 1500 from his gross income to get a taxable income of $82 500.

I then found the medicare levy which was 0.015 x 82 500 = $1237.50

Next I found the tax payable on his taxable income, which is 17 547 + (0.37 x 2500) = $18 472

I then added the medicare levy to this figure since it is also a tax right? This gives $19 709.50

Finally, I subtracted the tax she had already paid ($18 500) from $19 709.50. This gives $1209.50.

So I said she still owed the tax office $1209.50.

Am I right????????????

27 c ii)

This one should have been an easy give away mark but for some reason it confused me a little. I said that Oscar is not right, because 300 is the class centre and doesn't mean that each week in that section of the graph he sold exactly 300 TV's.

Is that right or nah?

29 b I)

Ok some people on here are saying it was 5.5, others 5.2. Which is it?

I got 5.2 and the resulting z-score ended up being -1.25. I think I used population SD, the symbol on the calculator without the -1. Number 3 on the SD screen.

Am I wrong?

Thanks guys!

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