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  1. L

    How can I get into UNSW Commerce with a low ATAR?

    Hi all, I've finished my HSC in 2023 and received a low atar (70s) and don't know how I can get into UNSW Commerce. I've received an offer at WSU B of Business and I'm expecting to receive UTS B of Business in January Round 1 (Jan 11). I understand that I can go to UTS Business and transfer to...
  2. Kartoffelei

    Final End Goal: Commerce/Law UNSW, Requesting Advice

    Hi! Thank you so much for everyone who has helped me in previous posts. After some contemplation and research, I've been thinking of doing a Bachelor of Commerce/Law in UNSW and I plan to take the LAT this September. I wanted to ask a few questions before, as I might choose a Bachelor of...
  3. S


    Can i do UNSW double degree bachelor of commerce/science and major in accounting and psychology? Has anybody ever done this? I feel like it might sound stupid or be a waste of time :( Thank you!!
  4. bsuffern

    Bc. Sci (Maths and Stats) or Bc. Sci (Adv. Maths) when going into investment banking or finance?

    Hi, I'm currently in Year 12 and considering going into investment banking or finance after uni. I'm currently thinking of doing a double degree Bc. Comms / Bc. Science at UNSW and I'm wondering whether a major in maths and stats or adv. maths will be more beneficial when seeking a job, keep...
  5. H


    Hi guys I just wanted to know whether if you are looking to do a commerce degree, whether it is better to enroll in Univeristy of Sydney's Dalyell program or is the UNSW Commerce degree better? Thanks for your time in helping me