1. 0

    Need some guidance

    Last year when choosing subjects for prelim/hsc, all of my subjects clashed (somehow even my backup subjects managed to be on same line) and I only ended up getting two of the subjects I am really interested in (modern history and biology), whilst I had to pick subjects on other lines to fill...
  2. A

    What HSC subjects do future doctors choose in Australia?

    For those who are looking to study medicine in the future, what kind of subjects did you choose for HSC? Also for those that are currently studying medicine, what HSC subjects did you choose? Also does doing extension subjects make your application to uni more favourable?
  3. sweena


    Hey, I need some help with my subjects and I'm stressing out about it at the moment. I'm currently doing: - Math & English Standard (happy with this) - Distance Education Legal Studies - Visual Arts - Ancient History - Society and Culture - History Extention (I think I am going to drop, too...
  4. W

    Is internal ranking really that important?

    Hi, So recently I discovered the importance of internal rankings and its impact on my final HSC mark/ATAR. I'm personally more of a science/math person, meaning that I will need to complete depth studies for two of my subjects (physics and chemistry). To be honest, depth studies are my weakest...
  5. Bumblebee_18

    Subject Selection Help plz

    SO, I'm so so stressed for the subject selection, I'm stuck on 11 units and I can't decide on any more subjects because I'm kinda scared of what the workload and will be like. Our school interview was NOT helpful, the person in front of me kept talking and my appointment was delayed and...