1. katiekms

    Does anyone else LOVE standard 2 maths?

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but i love it so much. it’s the only subject that i enjoy doing and studying for. i just find it fun for some reason. nobody in my class really likes it which makes me feel alone in my love ❤️ on another note, we need more people posting in this forum. it’s so...
  2. A


    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I have recently completed the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  3. M

    Notes For Math Advanced

    Does anybody have good notes for 2U maths, need help with graphing & motion especially
  4. M

    Mark Predictor

    Hey There, For my school trials (which are very hard) I have averaged 61% and for my actual math adv HSC this year I expect to get a raw mark of 93. Could somebody predict my final math mark after scaling please.
  5. M

    Math Advanced

    Is the course difficult, do you think it's worth doing for only 2 units? How's the jump between standard 2 and advanced since they are both 2u
  6. C

    kurt lore

    hello - Kurt enjoyer for 2 years here, do any kurt veterans know things about kurt (for example how connie ended up teaching for him after being taught by him, and how long he's been teaching for)? i got curious and wanted to know how things came to be
  7. SB257426

    Proving First Order Recursive Formula

    I have come across some questions that are asking me to prove the general formula for a certain sequence. I do now know how to tackle these questions. Can someone please tell me how to do them? Here is a problem from the question set that appeared: A sequence is given by the first order...
  8. M

    Year 12, 11 And Lower Books For Sale

    Hey guys, I am clearing out my Year 12 and past books, of my brothers, I retrieved (Of Years 8-11) at cheap rates and most of great conditions that can be negotiated. These include a range of subjects like Biology; Blitzing (COLLECTION OF PAST PAPERS), Surfing complete, (ALL 3 Not used) YEAR 11...
  9. S

    99.75 ATAR - ONLINE OR IN-PERSON TUTORING (English, Economics, Legal, Maths)

    As a 2021 graduate who has the most contemporary understanding of what is needed to succeed, I am passionate about helping future students achieve their potential in the HSC. I offer online (over zoom) or in person (at a library) using the vast amount of resources I compiled during my own...
  10. isabella05

    Should I drop my maths level?

    I'm about to begin year 12, and one thing I've noticed is all year I've slacked off in maths advanced. I failed 2 exams in year 11, the others barley a pass, and I struggle understanding mathematical concepts - this is partially because of my laziness and lack of trying, but also I've found that...
  11. B


    Hi everyone! I graduated in 2020 from Bethany College, Hurstville with an ATAR of 96.10 and I am now studying Psychology at UNSW. *Feel free to email me if you would like notes for a specific topic only, instead of these suggested bundles and prices can be arranged,*...
  12. D

    Need help on a math exam question

    I would be grateful for any ideas on this question :) , I know the use of the difference between cubes is used but how do you proceed from there?
  13. B


    My name is Brooke and I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2014 with a perfect ATAR of 99.95 and 9th in the state for Extension II Mathematics. My final HSC mark for 3U Maths was 100 and 4U was 99. Currently I am studying Doctor of Medicine degree at The University of Sydney...
  14. C

    Free Tutoring Year 9-11 Chem, Phys, Math Adv, Ext 1

    Hello! I am offering free tutoring for physics, chemistry, math advanced and ext 1 for year 9-11, via discord (preferably) or email. I am just started year 12 this term. I am currently doing physics, chemistry, math ext 2, economics. During my free periods and lunch time I usually help my...
  15. P

    HSC Maths Tutor - Adv, Ext 1 & 2 - HSC 3/4U Marker - Over 30 Years Teaching Experience

    Hey all, Hope everyone has been well. I am advertising for my father who has availability for more students to tutor. A little about himself: - Numerous past/current students have been from a variety of selective schools such as James Ruse, North Sydney Boys and Girls, Baulkham Hills...etc. -...
  16. J

    Modified / Self-Designed Exam Equipment

    For the past few days I've been scouring the NESA website for some more definitive equipment rules. But, all I have found are identical and vague equipment lists. As you may know, in previous years, mathomat and curve sketching sheets have been permitted for mathematics students. However...
  17. M

    Physics + Maths Tuition from a Physics PhD Student (99+ ATAR, Usyd University Medal)

    I’m Joel, a friendly PhD student in Physics at the University of Sydney who has been tutoring High School students for over 4 years. I offer Preliminary and HSC Mathematics (Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2) and Physics tuition either in the Epping / Carlingford area or at the University of...
  18. A


    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I am currently enrolled in the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  19. Akuri

    Is my teacher holding me back?

    Last year, the head of mathematics at my school wanted to help me in applying for a selective school by giving me a sample of stage 3 mathematics. Last year was a breakthrough for me in terms of studying; i enjoyed it like i never had before. But stage 3 mathematics? It was like a new path was...
  20. H


    I didnt know that whiteout was not allowed in the hsc exams and the supervisors didnt say anything about it even though they looked at what I had for the exam multiple times. So I used it for English, japanese beginners and mathematics. Will it affect my mark and will I get penalised for it?