help please

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    PIP quick SURVEY

    Hey yall, could you please do my questionnaire for my society and culture mini PIP. It's about cultural identity for immigrants in Australia. It takes around 2 minutes to complete. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.:sun: The link is in my profile posts because boredofstudies doesn't...
  2. 2

    assistance in creative writing please

    Up until this year, I cannot remember having to write a creative response since year 9. However, I've noticed a recent theme of multiple creative tasks being assigned as homework or in class activities. I would like to think I am relatively good at essays and achieve high marks, but I cant...
  3. A

    too late for a good atar? pls help (desperate)

    Hi, I have just started my 3rd term of year 12 and I am currently freaking out - so any help would be much appreciated. I have not been doing well so far and was wondering if there is any hope for me. I managed to procrastinated big time for the past 2 terms so have a bunch I need to catch up...
  4. Dark Carnage

    How to catch up to year 11 advanced math?

    Next year, I'm going to year 11 and I'm going to advanced math. I'm struggling right now, because I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge, because I didn't really pay attention in class, and because of that, I didn't understand much of the material. Is there anyway, I can catch up by filling all...
  5. M

    Help with my multimodal task?

    My multimodal question for the eng adv common module is; "Our experiences are defined by a tension between a yearning to belong and a desire for freedom. Evaluate the extent to which your prescribed and related texts support this statement" My prescribed text is Merchant of Venice and my...
  6. A

    Need Related 'Merchant Of Venice' Text

    Hey so I've got a multi-model English Adv speech due in two weeks where we need to compare the Merchant Of Venice to a related text. I was thinking on doing a short story on love and prejudice but I cant find anything Anyone have related text ideas?
  7. C


    hey guys can anyone please read through my short answers it'll be highly appreciated? :(
  8. C

    Jersey name ideas

    Hey everyone! So I'm known for being very short and sassy, I have come to two jersey name ideas so could you guys please choose which one you think is best. Short&sassy funsized A lot of people told me to get funsized but im worried it would seem sexual and people would misinterpret it...