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  1. aceagle007

    SciX proposals?

    Anyone got their scaffold of how they wrote their project’s proposal? Or any tips on how to write it?
  2. jimmysmith560

    French 2020 HSC Exam tips (Beginners, Continuers, Extension)

    Hi! Here are some tips to help anyone doing French for the HSC :D French Beginners & French Continuers: French Beginners Exam date: Thursday 5 November French Continuers Exam date: Friday 23 October Listening tips: Make sure you are familiar with all the expressions you've been taught and...
  3. A

    mid year review

    Hey guys, Just wondering how everyone else is doing in this subject. Personally, I feel it is a complete bludge and lowkey easy. I want to know more about how everyone else's research is going, what its about and whether you guys are finding it easy or interesting. My research project is...