computer science

  1. L

    Are my subjects good for year 12?

    Hello, I am in year 11 and after school I want to work in the tech/computers/IT area, but I've been worried about how my subjects will affect how I study in year 12. The subjects I've chosen are Maths Extension 1, Eng Adv, Biology, Modern history, Economics and Studies of Religion I. Is this a...
  2. rainpuppy11

    UNSW Comp Sci vs. UNSW Comp Sci + Engineering (Honours)

    Hello! I'm currently debating what to do for next year entering university. I am definitely set on going to UNSW (I am currently shortlisted for UNSW Co-op in Comp Sci, and also am eligible for the AAA scholarship, and I also like the campus and teaching style). I'm just wondering if it is...
  3. T

    UTS BIT CO-OP or UNSW CS/Engineering or UNSW CS/SCI

    I'd like some help picking between these three courses. I want to get into medicine next year as a non-standard entry student, but that also means I'll have to pick a degree that I will be completely fine sticking to if med doesn't work out. That being said, I'll still have to maintain a high...
  4. Huntress_Waffle

    Thoughts on Computer Science/ Economics double degree?

    Hey guys so I RLYY like eco, but I don't think a single Eco degree will easily get me a job as compared to if I go into software engineering/comp sci/ data science. Especially because I have absolutely no connections in the business/eco/finance field whereas my parents both do techy jobs. I'm...
  5. K

    I don’t know what subject to drop in year 12

    Hi i’ve begun my first (technically second) year of year 12 and i’ve still currently got 12 units i was tossing up between maths extension (and then do 11 units) or visual arts (then would do 8 units + english ext 1 and maths ext 1) and i’ve just got maths extension back for my first hsc...
  6. J

    Failed at UNSW previously and transferred to UTS for WAM reset. Did well at UTS, want to credit transfer back to UNSW. Will UNSW failed grades remain?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had a similar circumstance to mine, In 2020, I started my first year in Computer Science at UNSW. I felt very unmotivated and was still feeling burnt out from HSC. My incompetence lead me to several failed grades in the 1st trimester. Following this, at the...
  7. Yakult1

    General Programming Thread

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone has posted a thread like this before but I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people who are interested in programming can post new stuff that they are creating, problems that they are struggling with, document their progress and ask for...
  8. Helpme2244

    Would doing a business degree at UTS actually be useful in getting a job?

    I'm torn between UTS degrees right now, I've been alternating between business and bcii with a major in marketing or science in IT with bcii and major in cybersecurity. I'm not sure which one is a better investment? I heard that to get a job in cybersecurity I gotta do a bunch of external exams...
  9. A

    Any chix doin cs next yr @ unsw

    Title says it all.
  10. timelesss

    Assumed knowledge of maths ext 1 / bridging courses for computer science in uni

    Hi everyone, I was wondering about the difficulty of university-level maths within the computer science course, and what your experiences were with bridging courses. I am hoping to study B law/B computer science at UNSW, as one of my main interests is the tech-related legal sphere. The UNSW...