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business studies

  1. G

    Past papers for business & eco

    As the business syllabus changed (first HSC assessing new syllabus was 2012), is it worth doing papers before that? Also, ideally how many economics HSC past papers is ideal practice before the HSC? i.e. I'm guessing papers pre-2008 would be irrelevant due to the economic climate?
  2. T

    how to write a business report

    Hey there. In preparation for our business studies exam replacement task, my teacher went through a PowerPoint explaining how to write a business report, but I'm not sure I completely understand -- do we simply just write body paragraphs on each of the points required? He didn't give us any...
  3. jimmysmith560

    Business Studies Marathon

    Inspired by @Hivaclibtibcharkwa's Biology Marathon idea, a Business Studies marathon thread will allow students doing HSC Business Studies to consolidate their knowledge by posting their own questions for other students to attempt as well as answering questions posted by other students. The...
  4. G

    Business Studies Exam Section IV

    Hi. Does anyone know, can we be asked (and therefore do we need to know) processes for all the topics in section IV (the case study essay)? It seems the HSC only ever asks influences and/or strategies.
  5. C

    Assessment Feedback

    Would anyone be able to give me feedback for my prepared Section IV response. It is an in-class task?
  6. E

    Selling HSC NOTES - Graduated 2020

    Selling HSC NOTES: 94.1 ATAR English Advanced - Band 6 1984 essays + analysis T.S. Eliot essays + analysis Tempest analysis + essay Mod C + samples English Extension 1 - Band 6 Frankenstien Metropolis Waiting for Godot Business Studies - Band 6 Apple case study McDonald's case study...
  7. M

    Business Studies + PDHPE Notes from $3

    Hi, looking to sell my Business Studies notes for the Year 12 syllabus. I achieved a 93 internal HSC mark in 2020. My prices are $5 per topic, and $15 for the whole note set. Substantial Apple case study is included, plus a summarised stat sheet covering all 4 topics. Also looking to sell my...
  8. jimmysmith560

    French, Business Studies and Arabic Tutoring

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I'm a tutor offering French tutoring for Year 11 and 12 Beginners and Continuers. I would also be very happy to give French lessons to younger students as well as adults and other people looking to learn French for fun (i.e. outside the NSW French...
  9. A


    Welcome to AKONS' guide to succeeding in the Business Studies HSC course. I had a lot of trouble when I first started business, but with these lessons I learnt I quickly improved and ending up succeeding in a subject I was once unconfident in. QUALIFICATIONS To start of with I'd just like to...
  10. C

    Selling HSC Business Studies/Legal Studies Notes

    Selling Comprehensive HSC Business Studies and Legal Studies Notes. These notes allowed me to gain 90+ in all my assessments and I guarantee it will assist you as well. Business Studies Notes on all 4 topics (FINANCE, MARKETING, HR, OPERATIONS). Pricing: - $30 for all 4 topics - $10 for each...
  11. N

    Highly Detailed Top 3 Rank Business Studies and Economics Notes For Sale

    Hi everyone, Since I have recently completed my HSC, I've decided to offer my notes and essay exemplars from Business Studies and Economics. This is because my ranks of 2nd and 3rd, respectively, have been largely attributed to my construction and utilisation of these high-quality note-sets. I...
  12. L


    Selling business studies notes for preliminary course. :angel: Very comprehensive and covers every syllabus dot point. Will help you for yearly exam !!! 80 PAGES IN TOTAL Full completed notes available for $5.00 Email any inquiries to lyonel.maung@gmail.com Please provide email upon purchase...
  13. F

    Notes/advice for Economics, Legal Studies, and Business Studies!

    Hi everyone! Attached below are really comprehensive notes for the 3 social sciences. (Geography ain't no science) I was a (somewhat) high achiever in the writing subjects. And here are some of my insights, which hopefully will help ease the pressure for some of you. 1. Don't make notes!! Use...
  14. O

    Should I drop Business or Entertianment VET??? pls help me

    i dislike them the same amount and both teachers are equally bad, buttttt i did surprisingly well in my business exam and assessments and am best in the class so should i stay since im naturally good at it? im bad at essays and more of a science/maths person, but ent has SO much content and it...
  15. C

    What should I choose?

    I'm in year ten and these are the subjects I know I will be choosing: English Adv Maths adv Legal studies Modern history Italian cont Now for the last two units I'm having a toss up between these three subjects: Studies of religion 2 Ancient history Business studies Which one should I...
  16. K

    MS Learning (Tutoring & Exam Tips!) | English | Maths | Business Studies | Legal Studies |

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a Law / Commerce student at UNSW and have been tutoring at MS Learning for many years. My focus has always been to bring students up to speed as fast as possible. I understand the importance of giving students the right training to help them build a strong...