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Tempest & Hagseed Assignment (17/20) (Description includes marker's feedback)

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Assessment Task
MARKER'S FEEDBACK for this essay:

- Don't put so many details in the introduction. Leave DETAILS for BODY PARAGRAPHS.
- Try to develop a clearer thesis.
- Use more PERSUASIVE LANGUAGE to argue my points.
- Try to balance contextual claims with textual analysis
- Consider evaluating the composers choices (are they effectively? ineffectively? achieving their goal(s)?)

NOTE: I did not fully read The Tempest/Hag-seed (rather skimmed/watched summaries), so I am sure you would be able to improve the accuracy & depth of my analysis with more thorough knowledge of the text.

I also started this assignment, due 9am, at 11pm the day before and so the sentence structure is even more likely to be wonky (I am already usually terrible at making succinct sentences).

Although English is my favourite subject, procrastination makes it into an annoying chore. If you're reading this and also a serial procrastinator like me, take it as a sign to get your sleep in check. I know it will be hard. But consider this: get your sleep in check for Year 12, particularly ensure 8 hours before exams, and you easily boost your marks by 1-2+ per assessment. Plus, less grumpiness from being super sleep deprived!
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