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National Study: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-41 Notes

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I just realised I'm going on vacation and forgot to dump all my notes on the BOS so I'll just do that now

In-depth and extensive notes for the Year 12 National Study Topic: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941 (Survey + Focus of Study), that cover each dot-point of the syllabus with all the content needed to support your arguments and responses in your essays. Content is supported with statistics/examples and evidence/wide range of relevant historiography you can choose from (especially in key historians' debates within this topic that encompass various schools of thought eg. totalitarian view of the USSR vs the revisionist view so you can choose whether to agree with one side or the other), as well as some relevant visuals and pictures that were integrated into the notes that I thought were appropriate and fun to add. All the content is taken from a variety of resources extending beyond but still including HSC-relevant textbooks, such as textbooks from other secondary school history courses (eg. IB/A-Level), historical academia/scholar's research and literature, documentaries, teacher-only resources and tools, etc.

With these notes, I ranked 1st in Modern History at a top 10 selective school from the very start of my HSC year and ranking at the top of all my assessments. For all my essay-based examinations and HSC Trials for this topic, I always got top mark responses (25/25) and never anything less. I ended up achieving a Band 6 in Modern History.

The notes start off with the Survey and then with the Focus of Study.

I spent a long time on these notes, hope they're useful to other people like they were to me :)
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