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Module 7 - Biology Depth Study: E.coli contamination in water in the presence of farm runoff (33/35)

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Assessment Task

Just an upload of my latest Bio assessment which was a depth study on, to keep it short and simple, E.coli contamination. The title of the depth study is also in the title of this resource.

Unsure if people may get the same or similar kind of assessment in the future but hopefully this helps for anything in general. Just thought I'd upload this as seeing as I received a high mark for it (33/35), this could serve as a decent exemplar response which can be used in other places of the Module 7 syllabus.

Yr 12 Bio notes coming very soon, I have finished them from Mod 5-8 but I am in the process of editing to make sure I've covered mostly what is needed to cover. Definitely better organised than the Year 11 ones I uploaded - heaps of diagrams and everything is organised well and structured in syllabus dot points.