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Modernist Art making essay

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Assessment Task
The early 20th century produced a plethora of modernists who redefined the boundaries of art making through utilizing their works as tools to convey their newfound philosophies and aid societal advancements. As a result, the conceptual movements of this era rejected former ideologies and instead sought to explore the different facets of modernity. In particular, the futurist movement of the 1910’s strongly embraced the chaos that came with the new mechanising world. Umberto Boccioni and Antonio Sant’elia were prominent figures of Italian futurism who created highly influential works in their respective fields of artistry. Umberto Bocciono, a painter and sculpture, created the first notable works of futurist art which were distinct in their unique distortion of subjects and dynamic forms. Additionally, his sculptures demonstrated how the modern fascination with technology had begun materializing itself in the arts. The influence of technology was also evident in the visionary urban designs of Sant’elia. He contributed significantly to the Manifesto of Futurist Architecture, 1914, and redefined principles of modern architecture through his material choices. As modernists, both Boccioni and Sant'elia held defining sentiments that changed future art making practices.
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