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  • Yeah, I don't know though - i'll consider picking up a language at uni.. not sure though.

    Exams are okay... can't wait till its all over. I've got one tomorrow and 2 next week.

    how are you coping?
    Oh, wow. So interesting.

    I was going to take up Arabic as a language, however my stupid school didn't allow it since there were only 3 students. I should have did it outside of school, but oh well.

    So you can understand anyone who speaks in German/French?
    Actually Law is my first preference - always has been and always will. But I'll most likely combine it with an Arts degree or International Studies degree. If I remember correctly its 3 years for law and 3 years for the International Studies degree (UNSW) so yeah probably.
    As lame as it sound - probably a very typical answer anyway - is because I got into kpop and I started to learn the language. I stopped temporarily cos of the HSC.
    Sorry I didn't see your comment. Yeah I am actually. Planning to do International Studies/Law and pick up a language. How'd you know?
    Ohhhh ok. It shows under my "settings" tab that u repped me... Lol. So i guess its all good. :)
    The rep i gave u didnt register?

    I gave someone else a rep just before u too... Is it limited or...? Hmm...

    Edit: dont know much about all this lol. I joined a few weeks ago. Sorryyy.
    How would you relate mortality with an appearance vs reality question and vice versa?
    okay thanks. what about "Ophelia's insanity due to her internal corruption by a patriarchal society"
    heys do you think action vs inaction, deception (appearance vs reality) and death (mortality) are broad themes to explore in a range of questions? worried that I might not be able to fit it in with the hsc question
    cool thanks. what should be my analysis about?
    and is it plagiarism to use the ideas in shmoop?
    Can you pls help me? I'm having trouble with the analysis of deception and mortality.
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