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  • dude you stress WAY too much
    if this is about psych, cheer up, you're going to be fine. you need like 10 marks or something to pass. even if u guess everything, statistically ur still bound to pass lol

    and linguistics: 39% in the final, this can EASILY be done, all you need to do is study! i honestly think you're going to pass everything.

    at least you dont need like 41-61% in the final to pass a subject (economics). depending on what i got in that FUCKING essay, i need between 41 and 61% in the final exam to pass the whole course. fml.

    and then in biostats, i need to get 45% and to do that i need to teach myself the whole course from scratch (havent been going to lectures) fml.
    Haha it's okay, nope, i'm doing a normal B. Economic and Social Sciences. Yep, that just means that those people enrolled in BA Advanced can enrol immediately into Gender Studies without having the prerequisites (the 18 junior credit points). On the Gender Studies website it says "You may start studying Gender Studies as soon as you have completed any eighteen Junior credit points of study. Most students will commence Gender Studies units at the beginning of their second year, though it is possible to start in first year, second session." :)
    Sure, just send me your uni email or something, and i can send it. You can send that in a 'private message' if you want. I couldn't see any "file attachment" link in bos =/
    Haha aw i'm sure you'll be fine, it was the easiest unit i've ever done at USYD!! well its not easy of course, but yeah i'm sure it's going to be way more easier and fun than linguistics ! if you want, i could send you the 2009 Unit of Study outline for it, it has all the week-by-week lecture& tutorial topics and the names of the readings, so you know what you're getting yourself into! I doubt the topics would've changed much =)
    No problem =) Well i only did 1 unit, Intimacy, Love & Friendship. It sounded straightforward and easy, but i quickly realised it was quite more complex than the unit name suggests! When i did it, the readings weren't very thick but at times, difficult to understand as they were a bit dense/philosophical with hard concepts i couldn't really grasp.. but that's probably because i'm majoring in Govt. The lecturer, Melissa Gregg (she's teaching that unit again next sem) was also my tutor. She's a bit umm... eccentric... haha.. the highlight of the course was when one of the lectures was run by students - the theme was " I want to know what love is" .Quite nteresting and thought-provoking! But romantic love was only a small component of the unit. I'd say "privacy and intimacy" were bigger and more important in terms of course content and marks.

    So overall, an interesting course - challenging at times, but still easy to get good marks :uhhuh:
    Hey, haha yeah a lot of people think it's a 2nd year course, but you only need 18 credit points (from any units, in absolutely any faculty!) to do Gender Studies units! So i had to wait until my second semester to do it. The 6 credit points do count, i did it as an elective! I think i might've been the only 1st-year student in my class but it really didn't matter! It was fine =)
    totes gettin smashed bby
    i dunno! my bday is in one week now and i have no idea what we're gonna do on the saturday :(
    and omg trackwork. f our lives so bad
    justin h <3 lives at harris park lolol jk. Did u like his dead rat tshirt? I THOUGHT IT WAS HOT, VERY FASHIONABLE!!!!
    Woah good luck with that, Aboriginal totemism? Sounds really interesting :p
    To be honest it's actually quite hard to get higher than credit in anthro, but if you truly do hate it, then yeah just drop it before it's too late. Next semester im going to be doing culture and food, should be interesting lol
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