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  • Sorry for the late replies, med's alright, it's not actually my top concern atm. I'm very busy with work, and community commitments, etc.

    Hmm, i've never heard of that before. Two of my friends have applied 3 times, done umat 3 timess and have been rejected 3 times. Anyways, there are no rules about it and they cannot discriminate against you in that way, it's unethical. I think lyndal is just trying to get people to consider over avenues or for people to sit GAMSAT, etc.
    Hey woozy, there is a small statement in the UWS rejection email that hints of them only considering applicants who have only done the UMAT a maximum of two times.
    As you know I have done it twice now. Do you think you can ask someone and get back to me about this? Cheers :)
    Sorry no there isn't, I guess you could start up a thread in the general HSC or prelimminary discussion boards, etc.
    What UAI did you get? You probably get these messages all the time, but like everyone else I want to get into UWS med.
    hi, i know your doing med right now, so i wanted to ask you if i had ANY chance of getting an interview with ANY uni with a predicted atar of 98 and a umat score of 47 =/ yeah i know.. crap umat =|
    btw, can you also tell me the timetable? do you have to be at uni long hours, monday to friday? i'm just a little curious. i'd really like to know more about the course. thanks!
    lol are you male or female?
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