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  • it's fine dude

    wrote an essay for english last week, teacher went nuts at how good it was

    all i did was follow steel

    did you start uni yet?

    while your there, send me all your belonging stuff and while you're there everything else related to english that is digitally incorporated towards our society of love and care ?

    nah this girl mainly started answering back, calling her dumb etc and now everone does it

    dude ms joseph was actually okay... this one is actually dumb she knows nothing about business

    also: http://imgur.com/a/QyU0e
    nah not yet... we spend first few weeks doing prelim for everything except eng for some reason (bludge much gonna go ahead though so all g)

    um... my business teacher is so dumb dude

    you should see how she answers questions all she does is repeat the questions in the answer box, she can't speak properly and is actually dumb like legit dumb as shit all everyone does in her class is make fun of her, right to her face

    maths is boring, gonna go ahead by myself soon even though i know most of it (we're up to rationalising the denominator yay)

    internet cafe has a new favourite customer

    and also, have you seen once upon a time in cabramatta? i might use that along with this http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/18/magazine/my-familys-experiment-in-extreme-schooling.html?_r=4&ref=general&src=me&pagewanted=all as related texts
    you're gonna wish i never told you about it

    this is how it was for me

    1 week after watching: omfg best thing ever dream about it research everything yada yada

    2 weeks after watching: omfg i wish i didn't watch it... look at that guy there walking on the street i bet he hasn't seen it... he's so lucky that he might have the chance to experience it all for the first time

    3 weeks after watching: spam to everyone i know
    btw... when are you watching breaking bad?

    i know you haven't started watching it yet simply because of the fact that you haven't come up to me and praised me about it yet

    everyone (famous actors, imdb etc) think it is one of the greatest tv shows ever produced, and it's still got 1 unreleased season left

    the subreddit of breakingbad is packed, meaning really smart people like it (hence it must be good)

    lmao btw dont check the subreddit out... it will ruin everything
    lmao dude

    my business teacher man... she's so bad

    i can't even explain it...

    it was going so well, business was my last class and i had to find out that for the only subject with a syllabus change i get a really bad teacher

    every other teacher is above par except maybe maths but it's fucking maths i've done it before

    collegehumor guys are doing an AMA btw
    dude we have this asian reti in 2u

    we were doing fucking like terms in 2u (i almost fell asleep no joke i almost actually fell asleep my head was down etc etc couldn't stand it) and she couldn't get her head around why 2x-2x = 0 not 0x
    there's gonna be a reddit boycott probably

    he needs to redeem himself by doing the AMA properly

    bro i just came back from class it was so funny these muslims were arguing with people when we were discussing burqa's in legal and stuff
    haha i don't start early, earliest is 9 so prob not

    yeah i spend about 4 hours a day on reddit, greatest thing ever

    haha i was looking forward to woody harrelson's ama but he fucked it up so hard and was disappointed but luckily reddit had a huge go at him
    nah it's fine

    it's only like that on mondays, every other day it's really easy

    eg today i start 5:30 finish 9:30

    tmrw 9-3

    thurs only 2 classes

    fri only 1 clas

    just monday's are insane

    and idno... it's gonna be awks when i beat him

    i only went lan cause there was nothing to study (first day etc sign this sign this assessment guidelines etc)
    well that was fun

    my first day i was at school for 12.5 hours

    9-11 eng
    11-1:30 free (net cafe LoL ftw)
    1:30-3:30 maths
    3:30-5:30 free (net cafe)
    5:30-9:30 mod his

    dw they give us breaks like every hour

    + everyone is really dumb, yet somehow smarter than mnac class minus a few

    eng teacher teaches at hurlstone, maths is okay, his 35 years exp rest idno yet
    hey man neanderthals neanderfhals? neanderfalls? came after chimps

    let's go a bit more back and just call them fish

    wait... fish can swim

    ...waste of clothes
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