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    i hear you were doing GENM7003 (concepts of physical fitness). I just finished it last semester. A very easy course, pretty much what the poster below me said. Found it to be so bludgy that i didn't even need to study for the exams :).......
    That's really funny, I actually did all 3 of those! (my 4th gen ed was biomedical engineering)

    I honestly learned nothing and found concepts of physical fitness and health a bludge, but also a complete waste of time. You have a mid semester exam of 35 mcq and a final exam of 50mcq, plus an assignment which is a group presentation on how you would design an exercise program for a priority group (i.e. pregnant women, diabetics, asthmatics etc).

    Personal financial planning was really awesome as well! Especially if you have no background in finance etc. You learn a lot of life skills like managing a mortgage, writing a will, choosing a super fund and what insurance cover you need. It has 2 multiple choice exams which aren't too bad if you do the readings. The assignment involves keeping an expense tracker over the course of the semester & also writing a financial plan.
    Hey man, getting in to business (GENE7002) is an awesome course (provided that it is still Michael Peters who takes it next year). You have a mid semester test, a 2000 word essay assignment that you get about 5 weeks to do, and an end of semester test.

    For ALL of the questions in the mid semester and end of semester you are given 'hints' / basically told what the question is going to be. So you can quite literally just prepare answers beforehand and go in to the exam and write them down. The end of semester exam is even open book.

    The essay you have to write can be completed simply using the lecture hand outs you are given each week. It was a hypothetical question about how you would structure your business in order to protect assets and minimize risk, as well as raise / manage funds and deal with competitors.
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