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  • M
    I still kinda come on.

    Havent had much time in the last week though.

    TBH, i got a tonne of rep for having such a beautiful signature :p
    I convinced my sister to name her dog kiara lols
    Your son would be the coolest kid ever with a name like that.

    That's super good luck! When is your interview?

    If I'm ever possessed, or if I know someone who needs a little psych encouragement to do what I want, you'll be the first I call :')
    I cried a little bit when they exiled Kovu :(
    Maybe there is something you're leaving out on your resume? That was a problem with mine. I got my aunty to read over it and she helped me fix it up.
    Good luck but :)
    Lots of lifting. I help put together window frames and couches lol. Neither did I but they grow over time :p :p
    That's cool! Do you like it so far?
    Maybe. I'd like to one day but I don't want to waste money or time ATM since I don't know what I'm passionate about. I'm sort of floating through life, haha.
    I didn't like number 3 very much. The singing got to me.
    In a warehouse. It's not very fun and the hours are long but it gets me by :) It was really easy to get this one, you should try applying for warehouse jobs.
    Haha, what are you doing at Uni?
    I don't remember what it was called, but the lion king is depressing. Have you seen it?
    Cool :) I'm taking a break from study because I don't know what I want to do at university yet. Just working. WBU?
    Because BoS is boring?
    Crazy is fun but :) :)
    I'm watching a foreign film on SBS2. I'm getting depressed because these types of movies are usually depressing :/ What are you up to?
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