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  • I am not quite sure whether or not I will pursue a career as a barrister. I am not sure about how many solicitors turn into barristers. You might choose to become a barrister later in your career say after 5-10 yrs of practising as a solicitor...

    I am glad my message assisted you.

    In regards to my position I am only new to it and will definately keep you posted after I have finished induction etc. I will be finished my GDLP in July and admitted as a solicitor in august. You do need a practising certificate (which means completed a GDLP) before you can practice as a solicitor. To become a barrister you must meet the requirements to be admitted as a legal practitioner and obtain the appropriate certificate from the NSW Bar Association. You must also take a Reading Program, consisting of qualifying examinations, a five-week full time Bar Practice Course and eleven months of reading.
    Hey, I didnt transfer into Law.

    I am a B Commerce (Accounting) student who was at UWS last year and have successfully transfered into Macquarie this year.

    However, I do know a few people who are doing law at UWS and it is not that bad to be honest... yes universities reputation is bad.. but the law faculty is quite good... I might transfer into a combined law degree in future at Macquarie in future if i decide to stay back longer at uni.

    However, if you have the option of going to macquarie/UTS/USYD for law... why would you even think about going to UWS... but if you have no choice... then go to UWS and get a credit average (credit or higher in all your units for the first year) and transfer to macquarie or UTS... ive heard that law at macquarie has a very good reputation amongst all universities in sydney.


    Is there any advice that you can give me for my HSC?
    And Um, did you do Journeys for your English HSC? If so, can you suggest me a Visual text that could be handy for a Speech?
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