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  • oh I forgot to mention macquarie university, it also is a good university
    My advice, just put down any courses you want but I would avoid UWS, it's not ranked too greatly according to the good university's guide. Given you live at Wadalba, you might consider university of newcastle ourimbah campus as it offers a bachelor of commerce degree from which you can major in mangement. Moreover, UTS city and kuringai campuses, USYD and UNSW and ACU mackillop campuses are all much easier to get to than UWS all with good reputable rankings. You don't need to worry about getting a high enough UAI as University of Newcastle and ACU both have lower ATAR cut offs. In all wish you luck in your hsc.
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    Thanks heaps for all your help yeah ill go crazy and study heaps and try do best in every assesment task just really want to get in first go into uni so I start the business course next year in West SYD uni but yeah thanks again you helped alot. :D
    sorry for the late reply.

    My advice is to do the best you possibly can from now on. Dont worry too much about what your marks end up being. Just put down your courses (if they are reasonable). I had a friend who received a uai 15-20 marks below the supposed cut off mark and recieved an offer to the course she wanted. Do you recieve and bonus points?

    However, if you dont receive an offer to your desired course there are other options to gain entry into uni. These are foundational studies or completing a diploma vai UWS collage. Im pretty sure this would garantee you an entry into your desired course if you gain teh marks needed (apparently the course is easy and the entry marks are low).

    Just dont give up on what you really want to do.
    If you need help looking for tis information at a later date let me know and ill show the sites to go. IIRC the collage site is in Quakers Hill and is own or directly assossiated with the uni.
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