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    Yes it WAS me! You had me worried for a sec, I was expecting her to have completely shut me down or something on the discussion board! Looking at her response, it was a simple and concise response in an affirmative tone.

    Plus, it was a completely valid question - work places and local schools receive the day off, so i wanted to ensure that the sole lecture I have on friday was still on so I don't drive into Newcastle for nothing!

    Does this mean I'm too retarded to be your friend now huh? lol
    me too! i love 1403 =D
    just umm, not umm not the umm lecturer.

    lol...if she says umm again i will run hysterically into the crying room up the back of the hall...

    i spent a couple of hours going through that this arvo, nearly summarised all the 1403 lectures (this is a first for me, this whole "doing homework and being prepared early" type of thing...)

    see you in our lab tomoro!

    i only have one of the ones for 1405... still waiting on my order for the other one. defs just con some kids next year into buying them =P

    I don't know, the lectures haven't seemed all that significant, but talking to some second, third and fourth year biomed students, i'm told that the course will be invaluable once semester 2 comes around. it's the labs for this subject that will help us with our major experiments/report next semester *apparently*

    oi btw, i'm sitting at uni right now waiting for the chem1010 lecture to start... if you're on campus send me a text or something and we should kill some time before class =)

    i'll pm you...
    hey matt =)
    just letting you know that there's a BOS meet coming up and you have to come! i just made a thread on it after talking to a couple of others, it's in the UNCLE section of the forum... post and let us know if you can make it
    chem lab: tues 1-4
    prof skills: mon 12-3 (wks 2, 9-12) and thurs 9-12 (wks 3-7)
    hubs1403 tute: thurs 2-3

    what ones are you in?
    i'm bailing tomorrow, not going to bother with a 1-hour chem class!

    on friday we have that hubs lecture... i like hubs, and it does go for 2 hours... but i might skip it too?
    i'll look over the lecture notes and see

    i seriously can't imagine jacob being quiet haha!

    [lol, just realised i keep accidentally posting my reply on my own wall...blonde moment]
    haha, there's nothing wrong with glasses! i wear them too, for reading =)
    i'm sorry i didn't get to talk to you more... i'm terrible with faces but hopefully i'll see you again soon!

    yeah, jacob was heaps friendly, talked to him for nearly an hour after my hubs safety lecture.
    and jeremy seems heaps friendly too. you were right, good bunch of guys you're hanging out with - might have to come hang out with you guys more often =)

    the bos'ers i met were you and a girl called minhal, she's really nice too. i think her display name is something like minime?
    Yeah, coming home I realised I might have met you today.

    I met someone called Matt in the Chemistry lecture this arvo. I was wearing a big white jumper and I came in with Jacob.

    Were you sitting with Jeremy and Angus before the lecture? And wearing red and black?
    Hey Matt!

    Not sure if you'll get this before tomorrow, but just thought I'd let you know that I'm still heading to the Biomed BBQ. I think I'll wear a red/orange-ish shirt and jeans, so if you see me come say hi!

    Good luck tomorrow too =)
    Yeah - I bought a back-pack today, but other than that I seriously have nothing along the lines of books or folders.

    Pretty sure the first week will be pretty laid back tho, so no hurry to buy stuff I'd say.
    That's ok, it won't be too hard to find you - our degree is relatively small.

    Haha, that's clever. I'll probably walk up to you and call you Sam by accident though. Lol.

    Well, my name is Emma =)
    sounds good - i plan on sleeping in lots this week... yay!

    hey, when it gets closer to next monday, tell me what colour clothes you'll wear to uni. then come to the biomed bbq lunch, and i'll come say hi =)
    ahk... yeah i was back right looking from the front of the room.

    lol, yeah im kinda bummed about our stupid chem lectures on wed nights, i think i'm gonna have to come in for them =/

    hey, enjoy your last week of holidays! =)
    i didn't see any muslims in biomed?

    ahk... i don't think i saw you. I was the one who asked about the pass groups... i had a black and white singlet.

    yeah, heaps of people doing biomed seem pretty quiet. im generally pretty out there, but i cbf yesterday, just hung out with my friend =)

    how did you like bar on the hill? i went there and checked it out in the arvo - it's not too bad, a bit crappier than expected but still looks alright.
    I certainly did =)

    A friend ended up coming with me, it was really lovely of her. So I went to the little talk in MS202 after the intro @ Great Hall, then grabbed a free lunch and looked for all my rooms. I also checked out The Forum sports/aquatic centre, looks like fun!

    All in all a somewhat successful, slightly boring 39-degree day. I can't remember when we left...about 3ish I think?

    How was your day?
    oh ok.

    just remember that u dont have to have the computer lab for chem as a seperate thing, its actually at the same time as the chem lab. So basically, u will do ur chem comp lab at the same time period as the chem lab, as it will replace it in weeks 3, 7 and 11.

    dw (if ur confused) thats a good thing.

    i was told that by the uni pple.
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