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  • Hi Sachu, I have the retro active and core science books you want. their in good condition and I'm selling them at half price though I'm willing to negotiate. My mob is 0413746285

    Thanks, Nat
    Hey, I just noticed your post on "Who's depressed"
    I definately got 20 points below what I aimed for.
    So I was wondering how you went.
    And what's the careers line you were talking about?
    neva knew u lookd like dat in kid...so cute...lol
    guess who dis is???
    yor annoying frend from chem class..... :)
    dcided to join da forum...its gr8 for help
    will c u 2moro in skul
    Saw your post on Pal College. I was wondering who this is?
    Are you in year 12 pal college or did you mean pal education ^^"
    Sorry to sound a bit random ~ =P
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